Wig Store Near Me

Wig Store Near Me

We hear this question get asked all the time.

Where are the wig store near me

It's a simple question, and the answer is right here.

It’s on your mobile device, your tablet.

It’s online.

Yep, the closest wig store is online at Inchesmatter.com

Most people want to go to a physical store to try on a wig.

Some want to see a variety of wigs to touch and feel.

The truth is with Covid-19, do you really want to be trying on the same wig that everyone in the wig store near you has been touching and trying on?

Probably not, and how many wigs are going to be on display at the wig store to try on?

It's not like wig stores, or wig shops have fifty wigs that cost three hundred dollars a piece just out on display, so people can try them on. Thats a hefty $15,000 cost to the wig store, or wig shop. Especially in todays time. A loss in revenue due to the fact those wigs will not be able to get sold. They have now been classified as a used item. 

So, why buy a wig online?

Have you been paying attention to the gas prices?

How far are you willing to drive to purchase a wig.

I’m just saying, gas ain’t cheap, not even the regular 87!

So, save that gas and let the wig show up conveniently at your door step.

When purchasing a wig online you know that it’s brand new. Never been worn on someone's head, or been used. 

In fact, you can get the same satisfaction online at inchesmatter.com that you can get by going into a physical wig store.

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our products. We offer Exclusive photos and videos.

Free shipping for all orders over $50.

30 Day Hassle Free Returns. Products must be in the original state the same as it was sent to you and not have been altered, washed or worn in any way.

What more can you ask for from the best wig store near you. 

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