Top 5 Best Hair Care Tips

Top 5 Best Hair Care Tips

1. Make your hair look good. Treat your hair, like the food you eat.

2. Use only natural products that nourish, protect, and gives it the vitamins and proteins needed to feel, look and stay healthy.

3. Rinse, wash, shampoo, and condition. Always wash your hair from any dirt, or just being active and sweetie. Keep it clean, germ free and smelling good.

4. Drink plenty water. Thats right, we hair it all the time don't we. Well thats one of the secretes to nice hair is staying hydrated.  

5. Hair protection is a must because you did not do all that work for nothing. Know when to wear a hair cap. Just like going to the beach in the summer, or on a boat that you would put sun scree. Same goes for your hair, know when to protect it from being damage by the heat, saltwater, or swimming at the pool knowing it has chlorine in it. 


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